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The Marketplace Chords & Tabs

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The Marketplace Chords

Am      F       Em    Am

Im in the marketplace 
On seeing you  
Shining on you, 
Feeling warmth I feel, 
Eyes meaning eyes, 
Using my eyes for eyes 
F                       Am
I have seen you many times my lord.
standing in the place my lord,
my eyes are burning like calls in me, my lord.
the sun is shining down on me, my lord
and we are looking at.  We, my lord
and casting them about my lord
F               Em              Am
Standing there, you have looked so lovely to me.
My heart like a candle on fire, melt inside my sight
Quickly I see, thats your thoughts of turning on to me.
Soon, I know straight at me looking at thy.
can turn in outside, inside so more on for me
I notice, your fathers men are          closing in on me

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F                       Am
F               Em              Am
F                       Am
F               Em              Am

Feelingly, I take, 
Screaming a name in, 
A way I go 
In the next city, 
F                       Am
one has looked at thy, my lord. Then burning and 
your fathers meant their guns my lord
todays a way goodbye my lord
I daze at a night, I will tell of your beauty my love,
F                       Em              Am
learning and shouting, and play lingered memories with my best
Im over the war they fired the first round and they missed
It has been lovely but Im too young to die
And do you I know, do you?,  some foolish own victim will, fly?
Do you I know do you, some foolish own victim will,  fly?