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Hey Blue Eyes Chords

Spinnaker (The Park Bench Rant)
Hey Blue Eyes
Tabbed by Zack Richardson
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Intro- C
I heard your voice in some white noise.
I was quite convinced. It was your ghost.
Cause tonight I saw an ambulance
And I worried that you might be in the back.
So I snuck down to your fucking street.
Stared in your window like a fucking creep.
   Am          C                G
Hey blue eyes. Are you sleeping tonight?
   Am          C                    G
Hey blue eyes. How are you sleeping tonight?
  G                                     C
I thought that I could save myself with rock and roll
And its all rock and roll to me baby.
So now Im working in the morning.
My hips are causing train wrecks.
My sheets smell of bad sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
Well these strange nights are killing me.
   G                                   C
So today I smoked a pack of French cigarettes.
My dear, I had some things Id like to forget.
I got a call at midnight
       G                           C
Saying something was going down on 9th street
      G                    C
I had hoped it was a riot. It was a party
        G                   C                        G
And Im sure you were there laughing and smiling and carrying on.
Am             C                G
Hey blue eyes. Are you sleeping tonight?
Am             C                G
Hey blue eyes. Please come home tonight.
Am                  C                G
Swallow your pride. Please come home tonight.
  C                               G
I know my room is smelling like a dive bar
But these songs I cant play anymore
     G            C
Hang over me like Damocles.
Please come home tonight.