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Come Saturday Chords

Capo 5th Fret

D  G  F#m Em    (x4)
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D                         G F#m Em
I can't stand to see your picture,
D                      G F#m Em
On the dresser where I left you,
Another sunny day,
G   F#m    Em
And you're 80 miles away,
D   G F#m Em
A        Em
But come saturday,
You'll come to stay,
       D                  A
You'll come to sway in my arms,
    Em                 G
Who cares if there's a party somewhere?
D                A
We're gonna stay in.
     Em               G            D                A
Come saturday, you'll come to say, maybe there's no harm,
     Em             G                A                D
In a wasted summer, with no drummer, we're gonna stay in.

Just repeat it for all the verses and choruses, and that's it!