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Lady Boy Chords

the paddingtons & adam green - Lady Boy

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A                               F#m                   E
Raindrops on the football field now my work is done when it came to sexual 
        D              A  
kicks i had the normal ones
A                                F#m                          E                    
Raised in Kingston up on hull I joined a skiffle band the children on the 
                      D                A
play ground  made me feel more than a man 
A                  C#m                 D                C#m          Bm       
wait wait till my love is true I gota find out find out how im gunna pay you 
A                       C#m                   D                    C#m
Think your the guy that brings me joy your a fine hermaphrodite a lovely lady 

A                  F#m                D                      C#m         Bm                
Your from Thailand thats not my land keep it real keep your hand off my tail
A              F#m                D                   C#m           Bm                   
Iv got a penis your in between us she is the cleanest lady boy from hull

Fly to anna lucia on a beach retreat drinking from volcanoes like a f f feeding feast
I wanna take he her on holiday i wanna show it a good time problem in the bedroom 
is i cant tell which ones mine