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Christmas Gets Worse Every Year Chords

Db     Ab     Db          Db     Gb     Db

Verse 1
     Db       Ab     Db        Db7
The tinsel/s tangled up again
         Gb                   Dbsus2     Db
And the tree/s not standing straight
      Db          Absus4  Bbm
I/ve switched on all the lights
          Gb6     Abadd9   Ab    Ab7
But they won/t illumin  -  ate

Verse 2
     Db   Ab      Db   Dbsus4
The angel at the top
       Db         Gbsus4 Gb   Db
Looks like she/s going   to  fall
       Db        Ab     Bbm
And I swear when I was growing up
    Ebm         Absus2    Ab
The tree didn/t look that small

Verse 3
Gb                    Db
Gone is the magic of Christmas
Db          Dbmaj7    Gbsus4  Gb
When did it all disappear
    Gb                         Ab
The true meaning seems to have missed us
    Gb             Ab9         Db
And Christmas gets worse every year

Verse 4
     Ab         Ab7       Db   Db7
The decorations do their best
         Gb          Ab   Absus2  Db   Dbsus2  Db
But the house still feels the    same
        Gb  Gbsus2  Gb Db             Ab        Bbm
Guess a pic ture    of you/s still a picture of you
                Ebm           Ab
Though it/s got tinsel on its frame

Verse 5
            Db         Ab         Db
And I don/t want to go out to the city
        Db             Ab    Db
Cos I/m scared there/s no escape
      Db         Fm           Bbm
And I can/t even wrap up this present without 
Ebm                        Absus4   Ab
losing the end of the selotapte

Verse 6
   Gb                        Db
Oh won/t you come back oh St Nicholas,
Db          Db7       Gb
Rudolf your red nosed reindeer?
     Ebm               Ab
I do hope they haven/t dismissed us
         Gb             Gbm         Db
Now that Christmas gets worse every year
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[Middle 8]
                   Gb      Ab               Db   Dbsus4  Db7
I don/t understand why I/m taking it out on Christmas
               Gb            Ab          Dbsus4   Db
When it/s been like this for most of the year
Gb              Ab  Ab6  Ab7  Db         Bbm
Everything that I   ha - ave  tried has failed
    Bbm              Eb7        Ab    Ab7
And now my hopes are turning to fear

A        B        E    E7
And so I wrote to Santa
E7       A      B         E        E7   Esus2  E
I said – please won/t you arrange
         E6                      E    G#   C#m
For the… bad luck that I/ve been ha – aa – ving
    Eb7                              Ab
Oh can/t you find some way for it to change?


Verse 7
    Db               Gb        Db
The one thing that I want this Christmas
    Gb                      Db
one dream that I hope comes true
Ab        Ab9   Bbm
oh what I would give
   Ebm    Ebm7          Absus4   Ab
to share Christmas with you

Verse 8
   Db            Ab        Bbm
We never seem to get it together
         Gb            Ab        Dbsus2   Db
I always felt you were slipping away
   Db         Ab        Bbm/Db
So tonight I/m getting desperate,
          Ebm                  Absus4   Ab
Gonna get down on my knees and pray

Verse 9
                                Db         Gb          Db
I say – dear god please let her meet me outside the cathedral
Db            Fm              Gbsus2   Gb
I/ll look her straight in the eye
Gb                             Ab6   Ab
I/ll tell her that I/ve always loved her
Ebm                                 Ab
Since the heavens set stars in the sky

Verse 10
Ab      Db     Bbm                  Ab
And seeing her there, with a ribbon in her hair
       Dbsus2  Db   Bbm    Gb  
As the snow    beg- ins to fall
       Gb                 Ab
She/ll lean in and she/ll kiss me
          Bbm           Absus4         Db
And it/ll be – the best Christmas – of all