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Version: 2 Type: Bass Tab

Weekly Wars Bass Tab

Weekly Wars--Bass Tab
by the Number twelve Looks like You
tabbed by Christopher Russell-Walker

G |---------------|
D |-------4--2--5-|
A |----2----------|
E |-0-------------|
Intro Riff is in three parts
First & second part three times
the third part four times.

G |--------------2--|
D |--------5--------|
A |-0--3------3-----|
E |-----------------|

G |-----------------|
D |-5--0--2---------|
A |-----------2--2--|
E |-----------------|
Next few parts are simple
I'll give outlines, but there's varying rhythm and such

G |--------------|
D |-----------3--|
A |-0--4--5------|
E |--------------|
Palm mute some of the last ones

G |--------------------------|
D |--------------------------|
A |--------------0--4--0--4--|
E |-2--1--2--1---------------|
During this part switch to finger-picking
The last time of this part only play the Gflat and F (first half)

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G |----------------------------------------------|
D |----------------------------------------------|
A |---------------------------------------/7--4--|
E |-5--4-----3--4---------------5--4-------------|
On lat time goes as shown on right...
(still finger-picking)

G |---------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |----6-----------------------------4----------------------2--------2--|
A |-4-----4--3-----3-h4-p3----------------------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------5-----5--4-----4-h5--3-----3--3-------|
Play this part twice (Hang on that last G6 for a little both times)
(still finger-picking)

G |
D |
A |
E |

G |---------------------|
D |---------------------|
A |-------------6-----8-|
E |-6-----9-------------|
this last progression has a few alterations
I usually play the first few staccato twice, play the notated "fill"
version twice, then end with steady sixteenth notes.

G |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |------------------------------------------------8----------------------------|
A |-------4-----4-------4-h6-/8-p6-..4------/6-----6-----6------/8--6--4-h6--4--|
E |-6--6-----6------------------------------------------6-----------------------|
Said "Fill" -Play each part twice
(that second part is only picked once)