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Saint Isabelle Chords

I think Tom puts a capo on the 2nd fret.

These are the chords for the song:

    B    Gb    Bmaj7    B6    E
e |-2-----2------2------4-----4---------------------------|
B |-5-----2------4------4-----5---------------------------|
G |-5-----3------3------2-----4---------------------------|
D |-5-----4------4------2-----2---------------------------|
A |-2-----4------2------2-----2---------------------------|
E |-2-----2------2------2---------------------------------|

Now here's the order:

Intro: B/Gb B/B Bmaj7/B6 Gb/B/E B/B/Gb B

Verse (1st verse used as example):
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Innocence and suffering
E              B
Loneliness and grace
Pain and love and beauty
Laughter death and faith
Where the rising fortune
Meets the setting sun
I'm afraid my friend when one is left
Gb                    B
It's just the same as none


B             Gb        B
I will always stand beside you
B             Bmaj7          B6      B
Defend you and mend you and sanctify you
B                              E            B
I'll hold you and keep you and fight beside you
And follow you down love
Gb               B
I'm right behind you
God make her road straight
    Gb            B
God make her road true
    E             Gb     B
Saint Isabelle is coming through

Play the same thing for all the verses (as well as the choruses).

Have Fun!!