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Gone Like Rain Chords

Artist: The Nightwatchman
Song: Gone Like Rain
Album: The Fabled City

Riff: Am

Riff x2

Am               C         G         Am
With damn cursed eyes, the multitude sat
                   C                G           Am
As the kettle cars pulled along the rusty tracks
    C                     G       Am
One raised his hat in the fading light
     C          C/B      G            Am
Said  excuse me sir,this doesn't seem right

         Am        G         D          Am
Now he's gone like whispers, gone like rain
              G                  D           Am
Gone like the faithful while the faithless remain
              G         D         C 
Gone like the stone the builder refused
         C/B    Am
Gone and    overdue

Riff x2
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Am                 C            G           Am
There's a river in Texas with a strong undertow
                     C               G        Am
No one crosses it to freedom, no one pans for gold
    C                     G          Am
Its waters are clear, its waters are cold
   C           C/B              G               Am
Its current is swift and no one knows where it goes,  it's just


C       C/B    Am
Gone and   overdue

Harmonica solo: 
Am G F
Am C/B
Am F

Riff x2

Am               C              G              Am
In a cold desert corner, don't appear on no map
        C               G             Am
Coyotes scream rips the night in half
   C                             G            Am
He hears the devil calling, footsteps on the path
      C                 C/B         G               Am
So he chews off his own leg, to get out of the trap,    and he's


C       C/B    Am
Gone and   overdue, hey hey hey

Riff x2