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Garden Of Gethsemane Chords

Capo 2nd

Bm		     A					Bm
On the side of the dirt road, 		An old Chevy wreck
Bm		     A				     Bm
I climbed through the window, 	        I sat in the back
I gathered my thoughts, 		With my head in my hands
My next of kin, 			My list of demands

D		A	     Bm
I slipped from shadow to shadow
D		A	     Bm
I saw things I should not see
D	      A	        F#m	 E	            D	 C#	      Bm
The moon rose high,	Over the Garden,	The Garden of Gethsemane
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Bm		     A					Bm
I know who I'm for, 			And who I'm against
I pulled the shades tight, 		I built me a fence
I dug a tunnel, 			Deep and wide
I sit at the bottom, 			And wait for the night


D		A	A	   E		    D	     C#	      Bm

Stay on Bm

Morning has come,		Clean clothes on the line
There'll be no tomorrow, 	I rise and I shine

Verse (only second half of a verse)
If you swallow the coin,	From the wishing well
Your dreams will come true, 	In heaven or hell


Bm	      A		      	     Bm		\
Take my hand	, 	Down we go		  \	play
Bm	      A			     Bm		  /	two times
Take my hand, love,  	Down we go		/

D		A	A	   E		      D	     C#	      Bm

This is my first Tab so i hope you enjoy it.

Tom Morello greatest guitarist ever!