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Cold Girl Fever Chords

A                F#m               E
-                  2                   0   
0h2             5h2               0h2
2                  2                   1
2                  4                   2
0                  4                   2
-                  2                   0
Make sure you do the hammers because otherwise the chords sound wrong, listen to 
the rhythm of the song to figure out the hammer-ons. I realize this isn't really 
what the Guitars are playing but if you want to play it by yourself I think this 
is what sounds best. 

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Bottle eyes, glassy blue
    F#m                          E
I watch the rain come out of you
Sky is white with the flu
   F#m                           E
I'm terrified of losing you
    A                               F#m                               E
If I go to the sea, I'll bring you down, down with me
    A                                  F#m
If I go to the rain, you'll never see me again

A, F#m

E                   F#m             A
You've got cold girl fever    (2x)