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A Boy In The Black Chords

um.. this isnt from the Naked Brothers Band but its equals as awesome =]

JUST The Verse its simple all you do for the intro is Am, F, C, and E

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Am   F    C                   E
L-O-V-E Spells the way you looked at me and
Am     F
I can not speak
C                                  E
looking though the pictures from that first meet
Am       F 
you say it hurts
C                    E
Heres an hour glass put it to work and
Am        F     C                E
There is no way I can say the things I say and
Am  F      C                  E               Am
Oh oh no theres no point in hiding I love you so
       F      C                 E
heres to you and all the $#! I put you though

I dont remember all of the words but I hope it helped =]
yea and I'm sorry about the $#! word in there but it isnt my song so yea.