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Dominion Road Chords

Dominion Road - Don McGlashan
Credits to original tabber Simon Black

B:   x24442     Bb:   x13331
A:   x02220     G#:   466544
E:   022100     C#m:  x46654
F#:  244322

intro:  chords:        B         A       E     A   E      repeat with C#m instead of B 

        main riff:  B--4-4-4h5-4---0-0h2-0-0-0h2-0---0--    h = hammer-on

  B              E
Dominion Road is bending 
A         E   B
Under its own weight
Shining like a strip 
           A     E     B
Cut from a sheet metal plate
            E         intro
'Cause it's just been raining

Jane had reached the point where she knew
What he meant before he opened his mouth
He couldn't say the same,
Or he'd have guessed she was moving south
With one of his friends
[ Tab from: ]
But it's getting better now
            E            B
He found it in him to forgive
He walked the city
       E                B
And he found a place to live
In a half-way house
Half-way down
              intro x2
Dominion Road

When he watched Jane's brother sell the house
He felt no sense of loss
More like a mountain climber looking back,
Having made it across
The steepest face

And he's still climbing
See him try to cross the street
He tests his footing
Like he was up 10,000 feet
Above the clouds
Halfway down
              B  A  E
Dominion Road

   G# A       G# F# A   x2  then  E  B
Oh oh oh,  oh oh    oh

But it's getting better now
He rests his head on the window sill
He watches the city
He can see the antennas in the hills
>From the half-way house
Half-way down
Dominion Road
Half-way down
Half-way down
Half-way down
  E           B       repeat 'half-way down' part but stay on E,
Dominion Road         then play the intro to the end.