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Freedom Fighters Tab

Well, the other tabs for this song are just plain wrong, so here's my take on the main 
(and what a riff it is).

'Freedom Fighters'- The Music, off the album 'Welcome to the North'.
Tabbed by Ashley Webster.
And don't plagiarise people, it helps no-one.

Standard Tuning (You should all know what that is :P)

Main Riff:
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The slides on the initial powerchords aren't precise, just aim to slide off towards the 
or 2nd fret and then do a pull-off very quickly. Also, the powerchords can be played as 
notes, but I find the powerchords give it a little more power.

 A5                               F5  G5

Not written out the strumming pattern here, but it's easy to work out. Well, that should 
you the general idea. Riff away!