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Virgins Chords

The F chord is played with high E string open. (Use your thumb to play the low E string)

Intro: G Am G - F - G Am G
F                        Em
   All my lovers surround me like virgins screen today
F                     Em                     F
   Waist-deep in the water, pushing my body away
                Am                      G
  What makes you go, to put the past away?
                        Am                            G
Oh how many drops can you squeeze out to display? 
What happened one day?
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F                                     Em 
And one of them stays behind and trails me from afar
F                          Em
   I saw her eyes, lit up like colours in the dark 
F                      Am                      G
   But when our faces met, I was half a world away
                       Am                     G
It still shot into my breath as I turned to say

Dm                          G
Can we meet some other way?
Where you wont recognize my face
Can we meet one way or another you wont, you wont 
C               Em        Dm
Speak up, Speak up, speak up 

When we meet another way 
You wont recognize my face
When we meet one way or another you wont
C               Em           F  (Intro chords)
Speak up, Speak up, speak up

And one day it suits me, the next simply leaves me dry
It comes on like a lifetime, it passes until you die
How did it feel when it was to be anything at all
But somehow it strikes me, the timing came a bit off

Chorus repeat
(Verse continuation)
You wont speak up - speak up x4

I recently uploaded my first take on this song and realised i put the verses as the intro, oops!