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Cold War Nice Clean Fight Chords

			     COLD WAR (NICE CLEAN FIGHT) - The Morning Benders

Tuning: Standard

Hooray barre chords! Playing this song well is all about the rhythm; use your
right hand like a metronome -- don't stop strumming -- and use your left to mute the 
Focus on upstrokes.

How to make it funky:
1) Play Em, D#m, and C#m as 7th chords (take your pinky off the fret board).
2) When going from D#m to C#m, walk down in half steps with upstrokes accenting each 
D#m, Dm, C#m.
3) Like above, when going back up to Em, walk up from C#m, skipping Dm along the way 
C#m, D#m, Em).
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Chords: Em (079987), G#m (466444), B (799877), D#m 
C#m (x46654), F# (244322), C#5 (x466xx), E5 (x799xx), 
(x9 11 11xx)

Intro: Em, G#m, B, D#m, C#m, F#, C#m

Em             G#m
I know a way out
  B               D#m
if you catch my drift
hold it close
to your heart
       C#m (and back up to Em and repeat)
let's just breathe
so just count it off
the worst is over at worst
we stand still
through the night

C#5   E5
spin it back now
C#5   E5
in through the out
E5    F5
we want a nice clean fight
E5    F5
no blood, no bite
when the end is near
let's just be frank
just let it sit, be still
we'll meet in the middle, c'mon