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Boarded Doors Chords

I would like to say thanks to stevieboyboy for his tab of boarded doors. I just 
felt the need to give a simplified part to the rhythm guitar of the song. However 
the bridge/breakdown part is correct in his tab, so check it out. Thanks.

Anytime while Chris is not singing he plays just Am to Em repeatedly. 
(I call it the filler).

Am       Em       F    C            Dm      Am
When you find out everything you're looking for
All that's left is an empty house with the boarded door
Note we're sad I'll wait as some it's all i could
Little hopes that's from the heart that's made of wood
[ Tab from: ]
C            Am       F           Em 
Maybe you're right to stay in the light
    Dm      G            C         Em 
But tell me please where does that leave me

Well I've grow wings but I can't bring myself to fly away
I climbed the highest mountain top but i don't want to stay
There's nothing left inside this town that'll keep me here
A little change comes to a heart that's frozen in fear


*(for this bridge go to stevieboyboy's tab for this song) 
[no rhythm guitar yet]
Well i don't know, where else I'll go
It's out of the warm, and into the snow 

F            C           E         Dm
Well i don't know, where else I'll go
F               C         E         Am
It's out of the warm, and into the snow 

Solo (same chords as the verses and filler)

Then just the filler towards the end. 

Good luck.