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Snake Eyes Chords

Snake Eyes - The Milk Carton Kids
Capo: III
Time: 3/4
Tuning: Standard
Tabbed by: Thajerkstar

      Em    G
Swing low, swing low
       C        B7
For to carry me home
   Am       B7       Em
In fire the skies of red

   C             G
My breath's gone cold
  C             B7
A kiss from the coal 
  Am7        D        G
A blanket of snow overhead

Cm         G
Slow, holy roller
     A7            D    [ch]D7/Eb[/ch]
It's just rock and roll
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Em        G
Hold your tears
              C              B7
Where they've hung all these years
Am            B7       Em
Down from the heavens above

Instrumental: C-G-C-B7-Am7-D-G-Cm-G-A7-D-D7/Eb

Em    G
Oh snake eyes
        C         B7
You had better disguise
Am        B7        C
All that appears of thee

C        G
Pray for love
         C        B7
From the heavens above
Am7         D       G
Laid in the ashes below
Am7         D       G   G7
Laid in the ashes below
A7          D          Em-G-C-B7
Laid in the ashes... Belooooooow
Am7         D7              G
Laid in the ashes... Below