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Memphis - Milk Carton Kids


There was a   dream
This ain't a  trip
I guess it's  been

I had it,  too
with my    son
a long de..cline

              Bm7       Bm
You could     see it
There's no    guitar
God bless the souls

Coming        true
Shines in the sun
That shook up mine

                G/B     Bm
It would        travel
Those days are  gone

             A    Asus4
In the       air
May new ones come

You could     make it
Before it's   all
If you     dared
just a museum

G2      Asus4              G            G/B    G
Now the sun goes down over Dolly Parton Bridge
    Em                      Em7     Asus4           Gm
The one-time home of soul takes our country's final breath
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I guess it takes
I guess it takes

More than a man
More than a king

     D      Bm7
More than a dream
More than a song

Bm         G
For such a fight
For such a fight

Em  Em7 G     A            D/A    D
Graceland is a ghost town tonight

Final Chorus

Em  Em7 G     A
Graceland is a ghost town
F#7            Bm        Bm7
Graceland is a ghost town
Em             A            D
Graceland is a ghost town tonight

1. The Asus4 chords seem to go to A some of the time.
2. The Em Em7 G section might just be a straight Em; you can play it without any variation.
3. If I recall correctly, when I saw the guys perform in Phoenix a few weeks ago, they 
played everything on capoed guitars. But the key here is correct.
4. Please share corrections so that I can improve this tab.