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Kennedy Curse Chords

Verse 1:

        G              D           Am
Oh this feels like the Kennedy Curse
     G            D       Am
And everything inside is dead
           G               D        Am
I'm on the fence about what feels worse
        G              D       Am
The one leaving or the one in bed

Verse 2:
     G                   D         Am
In a dream she's talking dirty to me
          G             D           Am
Just in a language that I can't speak
         G         D
Then she kisses my scars
       Am          C
As she cuts out my heart
    G               D      Am
And places it right on her sleeve

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Verse 3:
           G              D           Am
I'm having visions of the way it will end
      G          D         Am
I can see it all now in my head
         G              D
You will cast the first stone
   Am           C
My sail will be torn
     G              D         Am
I'll lose my vessel to a dark sea bed


G                 D                C       (D)
Will someone just come and take my heart
G              D               C        (D)
Set it down in front of moving cars
Am                 D
 I feel nothing at all
   G                  D                C
So won't someone just come and take my heart
And tear it apart

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