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Into Your Arms Acoustic Chords

Hey this is my first tab. There were no tabs for this song that were close to the 
so I decided to tab it myself. Here's a video link
It's not me but I tabbed it by watching her. Here it goes!

Standard Tuning
Capo on 4th Fret


E 022100
Asus2 002200
C#m 046600
B5 024400


E Asus2 C#m B5 Asus2   x2

^^watch the video to see the changes

*theres some kind of palm muted strumming or "chucking" goin on here*

C#m          Asus2          E         B5
  There was a new girl in town.

C#m          Asus2          E         B5
  She had it all figured out. (Had it all figured out)

C#m          Asus2          E         B5
  And I'll state something rash.

C#m      Asus2        E         B5 (single strum)
  She had the most

C#m          Asus2          E         B5
  I bet you didn't expect that.

C#m          Asus2          E         B5
  But she made me change my ways. (She made me change my ways)

C#m          Asus2          E         B5
  With eyes like sunsets baby.

Asus2 (just down strum about 16 times)
  And legs that went on for days.

Chorus (same chord progression as intro)
[ Tab from: ]
E                Asus2
  I'm fallin' in love

  But it's fallin' apart.

C#m    B5    Asus2
  I need to find my way back to the start.

E                Asus2
  When we were in love.

  Oh things were better than they are.

C#m    B5    Asus2
  Let me back into.

E           Asus2
  Into your arms.

C#m   B5   Asus2(single strum)
  Into your arms.

Verse (same as above)

She made her way to the bar.
I tried to talk to her.
But she seemed so far. (She seems so far)
Outta my league.
I had to find a way to get her next to me.

Chorus (same)

before bridge starts strum B5 about four times


Two down strums for each Asus2 and E. Regular strumming for B5 and C#m(watch video if u 

Asus2              E
Oh she's slippin' away.

B5                       Asus2        E
I always reach when I'm thinking of words to say.

Asus2              E
All the things she does.

        B5         C#m
Make it seem like love.

Asus2           E
If it's just a game. (Just a game)

Then I like the way that we play.

same chords except the first part of the chorus is repeated

I'm falling in love
But its falling apart.
I need to find my way back to the start (x2)

When we were in love
Things were better than they are
Let me back into...
Into your arms
Into your arms.

Into your arms.
Into your arms

Hope you guys like it =)