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Player Hater Anthem Chords

This is my first tab.
It's played in standard tuning. (E,A,D,G,B,E)
Fun song to sing and play.

          A                  G            D
"I think they're losing more momentum every day
        A                    G                      D
they're trying 3% percent too hard, can't you see the look there on his 
  D                 A
I think they'll do okay for now
         D                 G     
and in a year throw in the towel
     A                  G               D
but they're losing their momentum every day"

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                A              G              D
"they won't be doing this much longer without pay
             A                 G                D                A
and when it all comes crashing down, oh I can't wait to see the day
       D               A
we can say we told 'em so
               D              G
they're just a little bit too old
             A                  G                   D
and they can head home, head in hand like a disgrace"

     D             G                            D
do I regret I even wasted the breath it took to sing?
                   B                        A                      D
do I regret I ever admitted to a little and bled it all out on the page?
D                              G
do we regret they're out there waiting?
for someone honest to take the stage?
will they want their ten bucks back
    A                            B                      G
or leave knowing that this means more than anyone could pay?
it's all just as well 
the ones that can tell
know we're here to play

G                B                 D                 A
Mother won't you hear my desperate cries, I'm coming in
G                B                 A
Mother won't you hear my desperate crying