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Boombox Chords

Song: Boombox
Artist: The Lonely Island ft. Julian Casablancas
Album: Incredibad

Intro: Em G Am B5 D

 Em                         G
Imagine in your mind a posh country club
    Am                         B5       D
The stuffy old money where the poor get snubbed
 Em                      G
The spread is bland sauerkraut and boiled goose
        Am                       B5       D
There's no way these people will ever cut loose
           Em                        G
But then I walk in the room, hold my boombox high
    Am                       B5        D
And what happened next, will blow your mind

Em                      Am
Everything got outta control
    D               G       D/F#
The music was so entrancing
Em                      Am
Everyone got out on the floor
         D                         G       D/F#
It was a bunch of old white people dancing

    Em               G
The Big Apple, where people never dance
Am                    B5        D
Spirits go down while profits expand
    Em                         G
The cops or the dealers, who's got the juice
    Am                            B5     D
The street benders peddling their boiled goose
   Em                        G
So many types of people will never get along
       Am                      B5        D
Till I bust out my boombox and play this song
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Em                            Am
The music washed away all the hate
      D              G        D/F#
And society started advancing
      Em                   Am
Every demographic was represented
         D                    G       D/F#
It was a rainbow coalition of dancing
Em   Am
D                    G           D/F#
Everyone was wearing fingerless gloves
Em    Am
Whoah oh
        D                     G       D/F#
I saw a Spanish guy doing the Bartman

Em                  G
Transport now to an old folks home
          Am                          B5      D
Where the elderly are tossed on their brittle bones
    Em                              G
The orderlies are stealing, there's no excuse
Am                          B5     D
Everyday for lunch they eat boiled goose
     Em                             G
So I grabbed my boombox and hit the turbo base
    Am                       B5       D
And what happened next was a total disgrace

Em                       Am
Everybody started having sex
    D                 G       D/F#
The music was way too powerful
           Em                      Am
A bunch of old people fucking like rabbits
          D                  G      D/F#
It was disgusting to say the least, oh
  Em                     Am
A boombox can change the world
          D                       G       D/F#
You gotta know your limits with a boombox
Em                    A
This was a cautionary tale
  D                G    D/F#
A boombox is not a toy

Em G Am B5 D