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She Moves In Her Own Way Chords

This song is immense and very easy to gey (nearly) right. This is my first attempt
and i'm sure that it can probably be played more accurately but here goes...

Verse 1

G                  C                    Am
So at my show on Monday I was thinking someday
                 Bm     D      G
You'd be on your way to better things
                    C                         Am
It's not about your make up or how you try to shape up
          Bm       D    G      C Am                 Bm D
To these ties and paper dreams. Paper dreams honey.

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Verse 2
G                    C                         Am
So now you pour your heart out telling me your far out
                    Bm   D             G
You're not about to lie down for your cause
But you don't pull my strings
          Am          Bm           D      G
Cos I'm a better man moving on to better things.


G   D           Am
But oohh I love her because 
   Bm        D       Em
She moves in her own way
    C             Am
But oohh she came to my show
        Bm    D       G
Just to hear about my day.

Verse 1 REPEAT

Verse 2 REPEAT



Em    Bm            D         C
Yes I wish that we never made it 
G               D
Through all the summers
Em          Bm   D          C
We kept the moon instead of kicking us
G                D
Back down to the suburbs