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Mr Polite Chords

I'm not sure of the tablature of this song but i just pluck it and if you listen 
to the music you'll be able to pluck these chords so they sound like the guitar in 
the song :) I hope it helps!

A D A D A D A D x 2
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A             D         A            D 
Coming around, Gonna take you to town
           A            D                         A    D
Got your name on my collar and i'm wearing you about
A                                D  A                            D
Can I take you out to see the sea, Can I Hear another story please 
A                            D               A                         D 

How you lead to the assumption that your company is something that i need.

Hey! I'll only stay if you stay, I'll Only go if you go 
What i've been doing anyway
No! No i don't even know these people, 
but i don't mind a bit of familiarity 
While i politely let go.

Please stop unpacking your bags, or am i moving to fast.
I know we're living in the city, but here we won't last.
There's a little place near hear, I like to go and see the sky is clear 
Well you can with me and tell me that i am am the only one you don't fear.


A                  D    A                  D    A D 
Why are you waiting, what are you expecting to see    x2 



This is my first tab so im not sure if its right or not, but i hope somebody will 
get some use from it as it took me like a whole day to figure out haha :)