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Dont Wake Me Up Chords

"Don't Wake Me Up"

Verse 1:
G#          Bb
You came to me
In seamless sleep
Slipped right in
G#        Bb
Behind my eye
Fm             Bb
On the back of my mind
G#        Bb
We swam a sea
          Fm                Bb
Of pretty sights and chandelier skies
G#              Bb
I swore I could feel you breathe
Fm            G7
It was all so real to me

G#            G7                  Cm
The light had slipped through the window
G#          G7           Cm
The morning ripped you away oh
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Fm            Cm
Don't wake me up
Bb         G#
I am still dreaming
Fm            Cm
The story's undone
Bb      G#
Unravel at the seams
Fm            Cm
Don't wake me up
Bb          G#
Death is misleading
    Fm            Cm
And when I fall asleep
Bb           Cm
Sleep with a ghost

Verse 2:
I looked in the dark
The room calm and cold
The quiet hollow
I am such a haunted soul
Your ghost has gone to bed
It's all cold


Eb            G7               G#
Oh you were a fire caught in a storm
Eb            G7              G#
Memories like embers keep us warm
         Eb    G7          G#
You will leave me in the morning
Eb G7 G#
Leave me

Pre-chorus x 3