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Crawling Towards The Sun Chords

Title: Crawling Towards the Sun
Artist: The Hush Sound
Album: So Sudden

*Capo 3*


G   C D   (x2)

Verse 1:

Carousels make laps each night
     C              D
Like drunks we spin until were sick
Creepy clowns from one horse towns
      C               D
Can make their livings on a trick

G                    C
Night covers all our tracks
   D                  G 
To break some fragile backs
So we tell some lies
D                  Em
Then we hide from light
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One night I fell asleep and woke up on that sunny street
   Em                             C     D
At first I thought I couldnít but now I see
         G       D       Em
That the shadows kept me hidden
         G          D        Em
From the light that calls my name
        G        D     Em
All the creatures stood above me
        C       D            G
Now Iím crawling towards the sun

Verse 2:

G   C D

Candy lips that taste to sweet
     C           D
Were sour in the summer heat
As the night fell I heard church bells
C       D
Say its time to leave

G                 C
Out on the town we went
   D             G
To carry out missions
Neither you or I 
      D            Em
would ever know sunlight


G   C D (x2)

G                  C        D
In the night light we still shine bright       (x4)