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Music Is My Boyfriend Chords

Artist: The Hidden Cameras
Song: Music Is My Boyfriend
Album: Mississauga Goddam

Right this is very easy but also very fun to play (especially with anyone who
rocks the tambourine)...

Pretty much just the chords G#, C# and D#

sounds best sliding between C# and D#

Intro: G#


G#   C#   D#
    I found music
  C#     G#
and he found me
 C#           D#
I gave him some tambourine 
  C#         G#
he game me a scream
  C#          D#
I washed his dirty underwear
  C#       G#
he made me toast
  C#           D#
Music filled my mug with Vaseline
  C#        G#
I gave him a choke

[ Tab from: ]
G#       C#
We could be happy
we could be free
If we don't make-out
 C#     G#
or fall in love


I found music
and he found me
bleeding from my fingers and knees
plugged into a drum machine
nailed to my head: a tambourine
and a guitar laced to my waist
A stone cold fever:
an internal melody (woah he says that fast! haha)

Chorus chords:

Guitars make me happy
drum beast make us all free
solid as a rock lover
is the music in me

I found music and he found me:
a balding head-banding pre-teen
so he seduced me in a dream:
I kissed his ugly gangly greens
he swallowed my pee

We lived to be happy
and prayed to be free
but it was soon found out
that my body is brief

I found music
and he found me
he kept me singing
to my dying day

Sing to be happy
hum to be free
the eternal harmony
music and me

Repeat Verse chord pattern and fade..

:) 33