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Fish Sticks Chords

"Fish Sticks" by The Heligoats

(Standard Tuning)

    B   F#  D#  A#

      It is very important that you mute/don't play the g string on the F# chord. However, if you
      can't avoid this, you can put a capo on the 3rd fret, and hitting the open string will make 
      the same sound as the d string.

(Light Strumming) B, F#
Is there a sign on the back of my head that says desensitized? 

(Fast Strumming) B, F#
Well Iím sorry I said anything. You sang a song and then learned to sing 
and said that you missed the songs you sang before you learned anything. 
In a fishbowl on the beach, I know the salty water stings, 
but itís not hard to see from a bowl the worldís out of reach. 
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D#, A#, B, F#
I see my face in the lake at the end of a pier. 
All the fish seem to wonder what Iím doing here, 
when I hold my head under and hear them all scoff. 
I just open up my mouth and let my mind jump off. 

B, F#
It says thereís a sign at the end of this swamp that says destruct, 
itís fucked itís done itís just mud, no such dumb luck. 
Construct new huts, blind new kinds of ducks then make them 
occupy new titles like on the royal aisle, where they print up a phone book 
as thick as a bible. 

D#, A#, B, F#
You were baptized in a river, I was thrown off a bridge. 
Then I landed on a crab you slept with seahorses. 
I started having seizures, you started having kids. 
You found your inner self, I found my inner fish. 

F# (Strumming this chord for a few measures)

B, F#
And my other car is a boat, it has a boat name. I thought we both came, 
but no. No such conch, no pontoon, no one is listening to you. 
The sun does wonders to your brain the way it burns right through. 
I am swimming in a trough, Iím sure youíve written me off by now but 
just when I think that all is lost, I see you stepping in the water. 

D#, A#, B, F#
To me every edge of the lake is a fifty foot cliff 
and once you are swimming with me thereís no way ou