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Philosophia Tab

Song: Philosophia
Artist: The Guggenheim Grotto
Instrument: Guitar/Bass

The basic progression for this song is Am, Dm, G, C

e ----5---
B ----5---
G ----5---
D ----7--- 
A ----7---
E ----5---

e ---5----
B ---x---- (normally it's the 6th fret)
G ---7----
D ---7----
A ---5----
E ---x----

e ---8----
B ---10---
G ---10---
D ---10---
A ---8----
E ---x----


e ---8----
B ---8----
G ---9----
D ---10---
A ---10---
E ---8----

The plucking pattern is strange to this song, but easy once you get the hang of it. This is kinda how I play it but it may be slightly different.

There is some piano and other noises in the intro and during the chorus,but I'm not gonna write those out because first I don't know them and second you don't really notice them.

A minor
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e ----------------5------------------------------
B -----------------------------5------------------------
G -------5---------------5-------------------------------
D ---7-------7----------------------------------------
A -----------------------------------------------------
E ---5-5---5---5--5---5-----5----5----------------------

i think that on the E and A strings he alternates every beat but it sounds better keeping a straight bass tempo (and it's a lot easier!)

D minor

e ----------------------5------------------
B -----------------------------------------
G ---7------------7-----------------7------
D ----------7-----------------7------------
A ---5---5-----5-----5--5--5-----5-----5---
E -----------------------------------------

G major

e ---------------------8--------------------
B -----------------10---------10------------
G ----------10-----------------------10-----
D ---10-------------------------------------
A ---8---8------8------8---8------8------8--
E ------------------------------------------

C Major

e -------------------------8---------------------
B -------------------------------9---------------
G -------------------------------------10--------
D ---10------------10----------------------(10)--
A ----------10-----------------------------------
E ---8---8------8------8---8--8-----8------(8)---

these last notes in () you end on only at the end of the song

And that's about it
Enjoy and keep your pants on