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Philosophia Tab

Song: Philosophia
Artist: The Guggenheim Grotto
Instrument: Guitar/Bass

The basic progression for this song is Am, Dm, G, C


e ----5---|
B ----5---|
G ----5---|
D ----7---|
A ----7---|
E ----5---|

e ---5----|
B ---x----| (normally it's the 6th fret for this chord, but he never uses that note)
G ---7----|
D ---7----|
A ---5----|
E ---x----|

e ---8----|
B ---10---|
G ---10---|
D ---10---|
A ---8----|
E ---x----|


e ---8----|
B ---8----|
G ---9----|
D ---10---|
A ---10---|
E ---8----|

The plucking pattern is strange to this song, but easy once you get the hang of it.
This is kinda how I play it but it may be slightly different.

There is some piano and other noises in the intro and during the chorus,
but I'm not gonna write those out because first I don't know them and second
you don't really notice them.

A minor

e ----------------5------------------------------------------------------|
B -----------------------------5-----------------------------------------|
G -------5---------------5-----------------------------------------------|
D ---7-------7-----------------------------------------------------------|
A -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
E ---5-5---5---5--5---5-----5----5---------------------------------------|

i think that on the E and A strings he alternates every beat but it sounds better
keeping a straight bass tempo (and it's a lot easier!)

D minor
[ Tab from: ]
e ----------------------5------------------------------------------------|
B -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
G ---7------------7-----------------7------------------------------------|
D ----------7-----------------7------------------------------------------|
A ---5---5-----5-----5--5--5-----5-----5---------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------------------------|

G major

e ---------------------8-------------------------------------------------|
B -----------------10---------10-----------------------------------------|
G ----------10-----------------------10----------------------------------|
D ---10------------------------------------------------------------------|
A ---8---8------8------8---8------8------8-------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------------------------|

C Major

e -------------------------8----------------------------------------------|
B -------------------------------9----------------------------------------|
G -------------------------------------10---------------------------------|
D ---10------------10----------------------(10)---------------------------|
A ----------10------------------------------------------------------------|
E ---8---8------8------8---8--8-----8------(8)----------------------------|

                                           these last notes in () you end on only
                                         at the end of the song

And that's about it
Enjoy and keep your pants on