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First of all, you're the MAN for being a fan of this band!

This is my first tab, and I think I've figured it out pretty well from what I've heard 
on youtube and I don't even have that great of a musical ear, so I'm pretty proud of this :D

There's three different patterns.

One of them is the palm muted intro which is played in all the quiet parts and is two 
measures long. Play only the E, a, and d strings. I wrote the tabs on all the down beats:

e ----------------|----------------|
b ----------------|----------------|
g ----------------|----------------|
d 6---6---6---6---|7---7---9---9---|
a 7---7---7---7---|7---7---9---9---|
E 0---0---0---0---|0---0---0---0---|

That repeats for the whistling (WHICH IS SICK) and stuff.

Then when it gets loud the chords are A, E, B, A. Idk if it sounds better to play with 
the regular chords vs bar chords, but I play with bar chords because I think that's easier.
The bar chords are:
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  A   E   B   A
e 5---7---7---5---|
b 5---9---7---5---|
g 6---9---8---6---|
d 7---9---9---7---|
a 7---7---9---7---|
E 5---7---7---5---|

In the beginning of the chorus the first chord is played for two measures, then after 
that they are all one measure. So the chorus goes like this:

A                              E
------And it feels like coming home
        B               A
Yeah it tingles on my skin.
       A                 E
And it feels like coming Home
         B                    A
Its your love that draws me in

First time through it goes back to the palm muting and whistling, then I believe the 
second time it goes immediately into the third pattern:

A                  E           B
Home is where your heart meets mine.
x4 then back to the beginning of the chorus etc.

It's pretty easy to play along with, the only thing I have trouble with is the palm 
muting (I'm still kinda new to guitar).

P.S. TGG are GREAT live :D seeing my third GG show in a couple weeks in Cambridge, MA! Enjoy!