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Go Tell Henry Tab

The recording of this song is in the key E minor,
for most of the song is jumps between the
Em and an F#dim, as so:
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  Em               F#dim                   B
e(7)------7x-----|(8)-------------|\      |7----7----|7----7----|
B(8)------8x-----|(10)-----10~~~~~| \     |7----7----|7----7----|
G(9)------9x-----|(11)---------11~|  \x4  |8----8----|8----8----|o
D(9)------9x-----|(10)------------|  /    |9----9----|9----9----|o
A-7~~~~~~~~x-----|(9)--9~~~~~~~~~~| /     |9----9----|9----9----|
E----------------|----------------|/      |7----7----|7----7----|
  Go                           Tell...     Gun      
  A       B        Em      C             
B-5-------7------|(8)-----(5)-----| \
G(6)-----(8)-----|-9-------5------|  \x4
D-7-------9------|-9-------5------|  /
A-7-------9------|-7-------3------| /
 look-   sky      Tricks   mind
   ing     plays     on
    at               your 

     The Greenhornes