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Standing In The Way Of Contol Bass Tab

Artist: The Gossip
Song: Standing In The Way of Control
Album: Unknown
Bassist: The Guy With The Bag On His/Her Head In The Video
Tabliture By: bob malone

Slight Distorsion Used Most of The Song
Use The Parts When Neccicary, and Most Importantly. Enjoy.

Intro and Verse
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G|--5--|        G|-----------------------|
D|--7--|        D|--9-9-9--10-10--12-12--|
A|-----| x 24   A|--7-7-7--8--8---10-10--|
E|-----|        E|-----------------------|


G|-------|       G|-------|       G|-----------------|
D|----7--|       D|----5--|       D|------1h3-3------|
A|-------| x 8   A|-------| x 5   A|------------3-3--|
E|--5----|       E|--3----|       E|---3-------------|

Extra Fill