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The Competition Chords

so, i noticed that there weren't too many tabs or chords from novena, so i might 
try to figure some out... 
for now, here's the competition... its based around the piano chords in the song... 
not exactly sure about the last 2 chords, but these should work for now... enjoy!

C   F   C   F

C                     F
he met this girl from reno
C                F  
whose life was a competition.
Am                     G
she looked just like a china doll
C              F    
with porcelain skin 
she knew he'd let her win.
      C        Am
so he fell for her,
         F                             G
as if he fell from his mother into the arms of a lover.
       C            Am
and he swore not to leave her side,
    F                    G
for better or for worse (whichever comes first).
Am        G      F
sadly the latter arose.

C   F   C   F
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C                     F
she met this boy from omaha
C                     F
whose life was handed to him...
Am                   G
but still, he wanted everything.
C                   F
his dreams were his ruin,
and she couldn't wake him up.
              C            Am
but the bough broke and he fell.
                 F                             G
like the time he fell from his mother into the arms of a doctor.
      C                     Am
so he cried like that first day of his life.
   F                       G
he knew he had broken this beautiful porcelain
    Am              G            F
and how could their world be the same?

Am  G  F

and so it never was the same.

she whispers his name,
      F           G                 C                Am
"i'll stay if you want, but i could never be who you imagined me to be 
     F                      G
i'll stay i don't know what else to do...
      C                F     G                Am
but i can't change for you i won't change for you"