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Some Tragedy Chords

C - Am/B - Am - G x2

C - Am/B - Am - G
I mustíve seemed to you a shipwreck
I looked at you, I saw an island
So I was swept ashore, to lie forevermore
Or at least for the evening

C - Am/B - Am - G x2

C - Am/B - Am - G
So we went to your apartment
We shared a drink out in the garden
You thought I mustíve pulled this kind of shit
With any willing fool
I shrugged and asked if thatís a problem

So we loved if for an instant and for an instant 

C - Am/B - Am - G
I forgot who I was
So for the night, I was all yours
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F - G - Am - G
So Iím sure it was fleeting, and Iím sure Iíve been misleaded
We were just two people in need, it doesnít have to be
Some fucked up tragedy

C - Am/B - Am - G x2

C - Am/B - Am - G
I hope I didnít seem to vulgar
When I asked to come over
Itís just these last few weeks
Well, theyíve been hard on me
I got burned and I canít seem to recover

And so we loved or so it seemed and as I slept, I dreamt of 

C - Am/B - Am - G
Romeo and Juliet
But Romeo was just playing dead

F - G - Am - G
Iím sure it was just a dream
And Iím sure it holds no meaning
But on this sober, hungover morning
Why does it always got to be such a fucked up tragedy?

C - Am/B - Am - G

I tried to tell you but I couldnít I wanted to warn you but I 

C - Am/B - Am - G
Need you so bad
I mean right now, you're all I have

have fun.