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Off The Beaten Path Chords

        x2     x2      x2 
G|-0--0-|-0--0-|-2--2--|/--5--5-|  x2 

Note: Play the first chord for the first three beats, and quickly 
      switch to the second chord for the final beat before again 
      quickly switching to the next chord in the next bar - almost 
      like you're performing a pull off, but actually strumming the 
      chord again. 

C                      G 
well, i'm trying to be patient 
yeah, the wheels keep turnin' 'round 
but it's a treadmill and i'm just 
dragging my feet. i'm so tired 
        G       F 
of everything-defeated by routine- 
   G#                                C 
by words that don't mean anything to me 
at least not anymore, now that 
    C             G 
i'm done with the mourning of a 
Am          F         C 
day without ending. a year of 
G            Am          F 
decadance to escape from penance 
      C                G 
but i suffered and i'm over it 
         Am                F 
yeah i'm fine now, but i'm sick of it 
      C           G 
i was happy being miserable 
          Am                      F      > 
i used to lay down my head at the bar    > Strum these notes slowly 
                     G#                  > from the bass to high, and 
and raise one lonely finger for a drink  > let the notes ring out. 

[play intro riff again, until:] 
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C                        G 
it doesn't have to be so difficult 
          F                   G#      
just keep coasting by. so you lost a limb 
well hell, those wounds will heal with time 
(but what happens when you loved what you lost?) 
you didn't have to cut it off 
but you did and i do and it took 
everything i had. i wonder if i could 
G            C             G 
ever get it back to how it was, 
       Am               F 
when i still thought of love as a 
C            G             Am 
risk i could take-if i was willing 
   F        C             G 
to make the commitment to rejection 
    Am              F 
the mind games, the deception 
    C                    G 
the late nights under the covers 
             Am                 F         > 
pointing the finger at who ever started   > 
                 G#           > 
whatever we were fighting about        > 

i guess that i'm fine now 
yeah, everything's better 
             F                G# 
everything's cooled down-it's all copasetic 
      C                 G 
we'll move on, off to a better world 
     F                              G# 
to a fresh start where everything's possible... 
C                  G 
but i'm sick of it 
          Am         F 
yeah, i'm sick of it 
       C          G 
no-i'm sick of it 
          Am         F 
yeah, i'm sick of it 
i Am 
so sick 
of it 
F    C