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Night And Day Chords

I was just trying to figure out this amazing song and I figure I'd contribute my 
so others can enjoy.

The strumming is done by picking down on a bass note then strumming up on the bottom 
then picking down on the next bass note and then up again on the bottom strings.

For the F - F7 parts I use an open chord and switch between:
1---  0---|
1---  1---|
-2--  -2--|
--3-  --3-|
----  ----|
----  ----|

I don't think the other chords matter.

F   F7

Bbm                Dm
I know a girl with cuts on her legs.
A                          A#
I think that she hates the way she was made,
A                     A#
but we never spoke of why they were there,
Dm                       A#
I just squeezed them and kissed them
F                   C           F F7
‘til we both felt a bit better.

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Bbm                          Dm
And now I’ve returned to the town where she dwells;
A                           A#
that small lonely cabin her grandfather built,
A                            A#
I suppose that’s where she’s imprisoned herself,
Dm                 A#              F         C
to write all those words she’s too scared to tell –
Dm         A#                 F           C               F F7
those sad, short stories of a girl curled up in her shell.

Dm        A       F            C
Night and day she tends to the bar.
F             F7                A#        F
She pours the drinks, they pour out their hearts.
Dm       A          F     C
All that sorrow and al-co-hol

F                  F7
weighs hard on her thoughts,
so she writes them down….
Bbm                  F  F7
she loves them all.

And when we’d make love
she’d stare in my eyes….
A                    A#
I swore we had met a thousand times.
A                   A#
Thousands of lives, thousands of nights….
      Dm      A#       F        C
She’d written within a thousand lines.


Dm        A       F            C
Night and day she tends to her bar.
F              F7           A#      F
She pours me a drink for my thirsty heart.
Dm     A           F     C
All my sorrow’s in al-co-hol…
F               F7         Bbm
she holds up the cup to my parched lips
            F   F7
for a kiss.