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Leaving Omaha Chords

This tab was made from the video of Tim and Roger playing the song live in the 
Album of the Year extras.
Tim plays the D, Dm, A, E open and the rest of the chords as barres.

Intro: D Dm D Dm
Pre-verse: F# (hammer on the 2nd fret on the E string)
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Onstage at the Orpheum
Waiting for a diploma
Looking out at my classmates
Ready to disown them
My bags were packed
I was ready to leave
For university
I was moving up and out
        D   Dm
Out of Omaha
                F# (hammer on 2nd fret)
Oh, it didn't last

One night I was drinking alone
So I drove out to Denver
To visit an old friend
Who had settled down there
I kept on driving all through the night
And threw up in dawn's early light
Sick on caffeine pills
My friend, he escaped from Omaha
Oh, I never will

Oh, I had a lover once
She was a nomad
Would have followed her anywhere
So we moved out to Portland
She was selling baggage
I bought all I could
And that was all it took
To make my escape
Oh, Omaha, oh, you never looked so good

I am leaving
I'm sailing away
My time in Iowa
Was just a holiday
I've got to get back over that bridge
To the town where I live
I guess that's where I'll stay
Oh, Omaha, oh, Omaha