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Keely Aimee Chords

			     Keely Aimee - The Good Life
Tabbed by: dialtoneglow

Tuning: Standard (capo 2nd)


Keely Aimee sat next to me

My hair stood up on end
And Keely Aimee, maybe one night
We could be better friends
C                       Am
I know this town's been hard on you
              F                     G  
I've seen the neighbors close their shades
    C                        Am
But Keely, they've got their secrets too
       F                     G                   F         G 
So you fell in some mud, you haven't fallen from grace

Keely Aimee, I'm sure you dreamed you'd do far greater things
But, Keely, I wish you wouldn't dwell on what could and couldn't be
F                     Am 
I know how dreams can let you down

I've had some rude awakenings
    C                 Am   
But Keely, I still go back to sleep
       F                 G                  F
In the dead of night you spring to life for me

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C           Am           F           G
Keely Aimee
      C           Am           F           G
Keely Aimee

F              Am                        Dm                                  
Keely Aimee, I know this world is such a heavy weight
     F                  Am                           Dm            G
And, Keely Aimee, those crows feet perched at such an early age
      C                       Am
Well, I'd help you shoo those birds away
       F                 G
If the burden's just too much
     C                  Am             F       G            F           G
See, Keely, I love your suffering like gravity loves a stumbling drunk

 F                Am                 Dm
So Keely Aimee, lay next to me, rest your head against mine
   F                    Am                    Dm
In all of the world I've never known a sadder Valentine
    C                     Am                F                 G 
And when will I sleep and dream of the city towering into the clouds?
      C                       Am
We'll run through the streets anonymously
A whole new life
   G           F    
If only we knew how

C           Am           F           G
Keely Aimee                          If only we knew 
C           Am           F           G
How,               Keely Aimee
C           Am           F           G
Oh, no, no                              If we knew
C           Am           F           G
how, If we knew how, If we knew how