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Honeymoon Chords

This is the tab submitted before by Catlikethief74 but with fixed chords. She was really 
the only difference really is the crescendo towards the end and the chorus afterwards.


A  Bm  G  D    x2

A                Bm
You look at me like you've been saved
G                 D
From another one that got away.
A                Bm
So I'm your latest cup of tea
G                D
To keep your cold hands company,
(here it becomes more picking, less strumming)
A            Bm
And I will warm you.
G           D
I will calm you down
A           Bm
Until those waters
G           D
Are ready to be sailed upon,
A        Bm         G    D
    Under a honeymoon.
A        Bm         G    D
    Under a honeymoon.
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A                   Bm
You say you've never felt this way
G                  D
At least not this early.
A                Bm
We decide to hold nothing back -
G                 D
We'll act how we want to act.
A          Bm       G          D
And so, eventually, we became pretty good actors.
A          Bm        G         D
Acting and reacting and acting and reacting
A        Bm         G    D
    Under a honeymoon.
A        Bm         G    D
    Under a honeymoon.

F#m             G
We know the sun is gonna rise,
Bm             A
We tell ourselves to act surprised,
F#m              G
We're comforted in our denial
Bm               A
That dark love can be reconciled
(strum each chord once softly here)
A        Bm          G     D
Oh please, oh please, .... reconcile me
A           Bm
From all these bad actors,

All these bad endings.
(resume normal strumming)

Bm  F#m  G  Em
Bm  F#m  A  A

D        A         Bm    G
    Under a honeymoon.
D        A         Bm    G
    Under a honeymoon.
D                      A
We want what we're not and we don't want to stop
Bm                 F#m
'cause it feels right -
G                 Em
or at least it's feeling good,

A  A  A
A  Bm   G    D least it feels good...
A  Bm   G    D

(strum each chord once softly for the end)
A                 Bm
I always fall in love too soon,
G                            D
Caught beneath the glow of a honeymoon