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For The Love Of The Song Chords

This is a great song. Everyone should play it. So here's how.
Tabbed by Lewis
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Standard Tuning
Intro: Am Am
G                        F
I thought I'd start this simple song
C                        Am
with something you could sing along
    G F               C   
like "Na na na na na na."
    G             F
But then I felt a bit cliche-
  C               Am
I started Beaten Path that way-
      G                F           C 
and besides, it didn't get me very far
G                   F
I guess the well is running dry.
C                 Am
  (I'm not surprised)
G           F                 C
  It's been thirteen years of lies.
G              F    
Running at the mouth about
C                    Am
these lovers I can't live without,
     G           F                C
well, I'm not exactly huntin' 'em down

G F C A G F C 
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G                F
Down and out and overweight - 
C                      Am
under the influence of three years straight
G F               C
  drinking on the job.
G                F
If it's not some love affair 
            C               Am
then it's a song about the great despair
       G            F          C 
of the loner at the end of the bar.
Well, you are what you are
You are what your are,
you are, you are,
you do, you do - 
G  F               C
  "Na na na na na na"
G                   F
One-hundredth verse same as the first, 
C                   Am
I'm a dictaphone of drunken slurs,
         G             F   C
press rewind - it's a new album.
                   G F C    Am                      G 
"Hot off the press,     and this guy sounds depressed
 F       C
            G               F
So, you can never drop this drunken bit
       C                 Am
or the fits of pain you still stomach - 
             G    F      C
it's for the love of the song
             G           F       C     Am
Oh yeah, the song. Oh yeah, the song.
             G                   F                    C   
I thought it was... I thought it was supposed to be a... a sing along.

and so on...