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Entertainer Chords

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Intro: F C

Am                                 G                      F
I'm not an artist, I'm an asshole without a job,
making money off alcohol.
Am                           G               F
Making money off calling myself out,
"Look at me! A fraud, a phony!"

F        G     C                     Em
Entertainer- that's all you'll ever become.
F                G                   C    Em
You're no artist - you're a musician.
F        G     C                        Em
So entertain us, come on and sing us a song.
F                 G           F           C
Keep the customers drunk.
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Am                             G               F
I'm not a writer, I'm a kid with a guitar,
and a notebook of scattered thoughts.
Am                              G                                   F
Hum a tune, strum the blues, write some cryptic words.
Whatever works to get you to the next verse.
F        G       C                     Em
Entertainer- and once the curtains are drawn
F                G          C    Em
you're screaming contradiction.
F          G         C             Em
So entertain us, come on, sing us a song
F          G                     C
The customer's never wrong

Em                                D                      C
I'm not a singer, I'm the one with the microphone.
I've been making shit up as I go.
Em                                D                      C
I'm not a singer - they handed me a microphone,
said "Play along! the show's gotta go on!"
And the show must go on
F       G          C         Em
"Entertain us! Entertain us!"
F                 G          C           Em
Give the customers what they want.
F       G     C                Em
Entertainer- you're so down in the mouth,
F                 G             F            C
but sales are up this month.
Em C