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Always A Bridesmaid Tab

D    A              Bm
in a pile of unpaid bills
         F#m              G         D
there's a letter sent from philidelphia
    G        A
in a familiar hand
D          A              Bm
she hasn't opened it just yet
          F#m             G
there's no telling what it says
          D          G           A
oh darling please, i'm down on one knee

Bm          A     G
so why can't i be him
    D               A
that guy in all your dreams
Bm                    A
the one with all those qualities
impossible to achieve
G            D           A
that man you thought i'd be..
Bm           A
so flawless so honest
that could never be me
oh that ain't me

D            A              Bm
there're some flowers on her desk
  F#m                 G            D
oh doesn't he know how embarased she gets
G          A
recieveing gifts
D          A             Bm
she hasn't opened up her card
     F#m           G
the bouquet says it all
 D            G       A
daffidills with babies breaths
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Bm                          A                 G
the same bouquet that she caught on the first day
     D             A
that night he was a king
Bm                  A
he flew in town for business
and ended up at the wedding
G                 D               A
they shared blind stories between drinks
Bm              A
she loved him so quickly
and left him just the same

(i dunno, maybe?)

yeah he's still the same

still the same

no he's nothing new

but he hasn't changed

G         A
always a bridesmaid..
D               A
her friends have settled down
G            A
always a bridesmaid
F#m                     A
she dropped her bouquet on the ground

Bm         A       G
snuck out for a cigarette
  D                    A
she said "maybe it's the whiskey sours
but i think this could be it"
G               D        A
if you asked me here and now
Bm            A             G
i think, no i know, i could make those wedding vows..
we could sneak out in the night

D A Bm F#m G D G A => same as the verse

and i could be the bride 2X
all right
i could be the bride 2x
ba ba bada da dum