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Angel Face Chords

Angel Face
Recorded by The Glitter Band
Requested by Trev

Gerry Shephard played the 'riff' over the first and second lines of each verse. He 
played slide guitar on this track and probably had his guitar tuned to open 'A'. However I 
have also heard the song played by The Glitter Band in 'B'.

I suggest using 'power chords' throughout with the guitar tuned to standard tuning.

The 'Riff'
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Verse 1
N.C. just drums and 'riff'
You're a child of sweet sixteen never made the big town scene
Always loved to stay at home never made it on your own
E                  G B F
I see your picture
             F E D C
what do I see
                     C D E
The face of an angel
D             E
Staring at me staring at me

A          C
Angel face angel face
F                     D     E
You've got the cutest angel face
A          C          F                     D     E
Angel face angel face I'm gonna make you my angel face

Verse 2
N.C. just drums and 'riff'
You don't know just what I mean you should be a beauty queen
Got to get you ready fast who knows how long your looks will last
E                 G B F
Look in the mirror
                       F E D C
Believe that it's true
                    C D E
The face of an angel
   D              E
Is looking at you looking at you

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