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Over My Head Cable Car Chords

Hey this song uses weird chord formations so i just capo it on 1, but you dont have to.
also put sidenotes on what to do if you do capo it.  since there are no open strings in
chords i just bar a couple of them, like the Eb, and just play the barred string 6 
of muting it, but dont bar the Dbmaj9 cause it sounds stupid if you do.

Over My Head (Cable Car)
The Fray
(Capo 1, chords not relative to capo)
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Dbmaj7  Fm7  Absus
Dbmaj9  Fm7  Ab  Dbmaj9
Fm7  Absus  Bbm  Ab  Eb

Dbmaj7  Fm7  Absus  Fm7
Dbmaj9  Ab  Fm7  Eb
Dbmaj7  Fm7  Absus  Fm7
Bbm  Ab  Fm7  Eb  Dmaj9

Fm7  Absus  Dbmaj7
Fm7  Absus

(Chord formations not relative to capo; FR1=open to capo)

Dbmaj7:	X43111	[open with capo]
Fm7:	131111	[open with capo]
Absus:	466644	[BAR]
Dbmaj9:	X4354X
Ab:	466544	[BAR]
Bbm:	X13321	[open with capo]
Eb:	X65343	[BAR]