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Slavin Away Chords

Song:  Slavin' Away
Band:  The Fiery Furnaces
Album: Rehearsing My Choir
Tabbed by: Adam B.

Note: This is one of my favorite songs, so I decided to tab it out. 
      Nothing special, just two different chord progressions throughout
      the whole song. I didn't bother with the weird bass lines.


	Am		C
Slavin’ away, all for you my love,

and I’ve nothing to show for it

‘cept my dusty old book full of pictures.

	Am		  C   	
Dusty old book, tell me a story

‘bout how I wasn’t so tired

from all my slavin’ away.

Then play this chord progression a few times
(listen to the song and it will make sense):

A, F#, D, E, A, F, E, A

*Weird bass line*

I ran off,

put on corduroy knickers that I got from the coal shoveling kid

and hitch-hiked in a rickety old Ford,

hitch-hiked in a rattley old Norton side-car

Am			    C
“down strange roads, in the purring rain”, as the poet put it,

on up to St. Paul
[ Tab from: ]
on a cold day in the middle of the fall.

And they picked me up
for not wearing a dress
and suspended my sentence
if I wore something with a strap that was pink
and I scrubbed up good on somebody’s sink.
So now I’ll catch the Canadian Pacific and not be too specific,
to somewhere up north,
and get into lumber and slumber when I like
and in the spring ride down into Cheyenne on my bike.

A, F#, D, E, A, F, E, A

**Weird bass line stuff**

Then play the same "Slavin Away" chord progression (Am, C, F, Am) for the 
spoken word, and up until the happy part and you play this:

Instrumental (happy part): A, F#, D, E, A, F, E, A

Crazy dramatic part: Am, C, F, Am

A		 F#
I could see her, looking in the mirror at me

D			E		A
wondering if it wasn’t plain for everyone t’see–

F			E		A
nothing ever seemed to turn out how it might be.

***continue playing same chord progression until the grandma starts talking***