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Hey Hey Revolver Chords

Capo on 2.

F:    033210

C             Em
I put this shovel down
Am               F
Hire me on better ground
C                         Em
I canít afford no gas
I walk to work on the overpass
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C                   Em
My teenage daughterís knocked up
    Am                                 F
Oh, Janey, this time, you really fucked up
C                                       Em
You ought to be in the hospital,
But I canít afford to go the bill

Am             G
Hey hey, revolver
C         F       G
Donít lead me on
Am           G                 C     F
Your shiny barrelís long and narrow
Am            G
Hey hey, revolver

I put this shovel down,
I walk the line into Hudson town
The blue Burger King billboard signs
Remind me of her motherís eyes

She ran off to be a movie star
I hope she found what she was looking for
I promised Janey weíd see L.A.
If I ever made some cash some day