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Fireflies In A Steel Mill Tab

Kyle asked me to tab this one out for him so here it goes!


^x2 but on the second time dont play the last 2 notes just skip ahead to this:


         A   D                   A       D           
She ran hard   and her feet felt nothing 

       A G#m  F#m                D          E 
a giant river twisting to   the top of the hill 

              A     D          A      D 
and fell down hard,   and man, it hurt 

                A G#m F#m            D          E 
and bruised her body       on the rocks and the dirt 

        Bm                  E
see, to her this just feels weird 

    A     G#m        F#m/G 
and very, very, very sad 
but she won't cry 

she won't cry 

       E                D   
she'll come home, baby 
                     A    D
if you take it all back 
                     A    D
if you take it all back 

            A   D               A  D
and it was hard   when he told her 

        A        G#m        F#m        
those ideas that never got finished 

       D              E  
well, that's what we are 

                A     D                  A   D
we're like the places    you just never see 

          A               G#m             F#m
you read about them, you know  you'd love them 

                      D                E
well, that's how you fell in love with me 

       Bm                   E
and to him this just seems weird 
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     A     G#m       F#m/G 
and very, very, very sad 

but don't cry 
and don't laugh 

          E                D
would you come home, baby 

                  A     D
if I take it all back? 

                         A      D
cause I can take it all back 

(look out...) 

B|--2---2------2-0--|  x2 


         A                     D     
and I've heard that we can be fulfilled 

      A                    D
like fireflies in a steel mill 
        A     G#m    F#m       D            E
we got fresh        pressed linens on the floor 

         D                E
but the landlord's at the door 

             A                         D
saying your checks are in disappearing ink 

         A                       D
and your gold has broken all my teeth 

    A          G#m           F#m
and this past christmas, the air  was too dry 

        D           E
and set fire to the wreath 

            D             E
but we were warm and dry beneath 

             D                          E
this is the last time yOu'll do this to me 

    A   G#m      F#m
and oh, oh,  oh, oh   emily 

           D         E
you can't hold your drink 

     A  G#m     F#m
and no, no, no, no, it has to be 

 D           E
what do you think 

         D          E
of this heavy smog warning? 

           D                    E
should we turn our tails and flee? 

              D                    F  G      A(bar)
or should we just sit tight and    breathe  deep?