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Spinning Like A Top Chords

E7 -x7675x
B7 -7x787x
A  -xx7655 (or full barre)
F# -244322

He walks his bass line on the 1 and 3 and chucks on the 2 and 4.
Kind of like a boom-chuck strum.

Verse 1

E7                                                                       B7
When I was a rover, met a four leaf clover, she was Irish as the day was long
E7                                   A
I thought she'd give it to me maybe, now she's married with a baby 
B7                            E7
I've been dodging bullets all along
Man, we would creep but never lost no sleep, I would cut cat nip into the 
B7    E7                            A                             B7        
weed, nobody was the wiser but they could have been higher and it meant more 
money for me

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             A             A  E7                 B7
Here's to not getting caught, doctor it's only a graze
E7                   A                              B7                     
Spinning like a top, running like a villain and the years are going by like 
E7 F# E7              B7      E7    E7 F# E7              B7      E7
days, years are going by like days. Days, years are going by like days.

Verse 2(Same as above)

School bus, I got on it, I was nearly catatonic,
I couldn't speak a goddamn word Homeroom class, forge a hall pass and we would get 
higher than the birds
My foolish nature, the chase for the paper, I would deal in the broad daylight
18 years old, head full of psilocybin and howling at the moon all night

Chorus(Same as above)


A                   E7                  E7                             B7
Small town shadows, clean out of sight, nothing to fear but the coming of 

that morning light
A                       E7              C#m                     A   B7   
Ducking and dodging and diving for that rent, if it couldn't be broken, it
could be bent

Instrumental Break

C#m F# A B7 E7

Verse 3(Same as above)

Washing dishes, stealing kisses, making our deals on the side
She said are you ready honey, we got gas money, going on a real long ride
Lying like a rug, prescription drugs, old guitars, new girlfriends
Everybody shunned me, I just thought that it was funny and I'd do it all over again

Chorus(Same as above)