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Farewell Chords

The Deep Dark Woods - Farewell

Em: 022000
D:  xx0232
C:  x32013
G:  320033

Em - D - C - G (play on E string: 3-2 before strumming the Em again)

He bid a long farewell to all of his friends,
He said I'm leaving town and I hope to begin
Something up north where the wind blows cold
I'll be up there until I grow old.
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All he had to his name was a suit case in hand
Five whole dollars and no place to land
Two shells in his rifle and a knife in his sack
He found a women that before he did lack.


Her name was Virginia, she came from the west
She took a train up from Baker to start something fresh
North Colorado she thought was the best
South California never stood the test.

They went for a stroll down Muddy Creek
Virginia sat down before she did speak
She said I can't go on with you no more
You have become such a bore.


He plunged a knife in her stomach and grabbed her feet
And threw her into the waters so deep
Now he's sitting in a cell and he's oh so cold
He's gonna be there until he grows old.